How to Determine Scammers From Authentic Binary Options Robots

How to Determine Scammers From Authentic Binary Options Robots

Dealing with the financial world can be quite tough but once you have reaped the benefits based on the efforts you have sown, you will definitely say that it was for the best that you took that risk. But taking risks can be quite dangerous, especially if you are dealing with scammers. In financial trading, scammers run amok and are targeting innocent traders to invest huge sums of money in order to rip them off and take the money on their own. Financial traders are best advised to be extra wary of who they deal with by doing extensive research. Amongst the forms of trade, binary options has its own fair share of scammers and victims of the former. How do you deal with scammers so that you can avoid being ripped off in the future?

robots binary (2)Just like it was said in the previous statement – extensive research. This research deals with looking for reviews, referrals from friends who are already into the game of binary options, and those with extensive knowledge on how the financial market behaves. Binary options are simple but has high risk, because it only comes with one of two results – win or lose. Winning gets you back your initial stake together with the payout offer, but losing means you lose your initial stake only. The minimum bet is at USD10 and can go higher if you wish it so. This is where it can get dangerous if the traders get their hands on a scam – if they are used to betting higher stakes than 10, it could get ugly. Scammers simply take away the money traders have bet, and the traders do not realize they were already victims in the first place.
Before you jump to conclusions, you should first know how automatic trading works, hence the binary options robots. The best result from your research will lead you to one website that has something to do with auto trading, and provides information on how they are done. The software itself is an automatic provider fused with binary options robots. The software place the trades automatically through the trader’s account, which is a bit similar to copy trading, although not at the same time.

Copy trading deals with copying the trades of another person while binary options robots take over the account of the trader, handling the processes of trading by itself. It sounds crazy, but this is how auto trading works. Not all robots are made the same, but the similar features they all share is that traders are required to log into the software and their account with binary options, too. The signals generated are then picked up by the robot and will be traded into the account. The robot software will trade the information such as direction, amount, asset, and expiration. It will do all these processes on its own, including the start of the trading.

robots binary (3)The average results of the binary options robots are at 83 percent, but most of the software will likely brag at 90 percent in order to attract more binary options account holders to use their robot. The only time when the 90 percent winning accuracy is only possible when the robot itself gets through winning streak, but having a losing accuracy of forty percent will totally wipe off your account with the binary options. Your work is to compare the results of different traders that are using a single software. You will see how it can be dangerous to rely on a robot that you have only seen once.

Those who have success with binary options robots are those that work similarly with how brokers do. This means that they also use the same robot that the brokers are using, particularly from licensed brokers. Those that come with a bad reputation should never be trusted in the first place. It is advisable for traders not to deposit a single cent into the brokerage account unless they have seen the settings page or window of the binary options robot.

The biggest disadvantage of using the binary options robots is that you really do not know what the robot is programmed in doing other than the preferences you have based on the account you hold. Some traders conclude that the software could only be generating random trades and that luck is the only skill that you need in order to get a winning trade.

But don’t forget that binary options robots are customizable – those that are highly reliable. The reason that others think it is not very reliable to use robots is that they might have used a software that did not allow them to customize their preferences and only asks for the asset and the amount you need to trade. As long as you see the settings page and that it requires you to customize your preferences, you already have in your hands a reliable robot to use for your trading.


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Basic Binary Options Terminology

Basic Binary Options Terminology

Every single job in this world has a proper terminology that goes with it. And this especially goes for the financial jobs, in which terminology can mean much, and everyone involved in it should learn it. And that is why we are going to give you the basic binary options terminology, so you can get in this ever growing area of trade, and start making some money. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Binary Options

page101-300x168As we can see, the term “binary options” consists of two world – “binary” and “options”, and right away we can see that it has something to do with the number two. Well, yes, it has to do with the number two, because you only have two options to choose from. So, whatever you’re investing in, you only have the two options – “call” or “put”.

Call Option

This is one of the options available in Binary Options, and when a trader picks this option that means that the trader believes that the price of the instrument will increase. No matter how small the increase is, you still profit with this.

Put Option

“Put” is the other possible option to choose from, and when a trader picks this one, it means that he believes that the price of the instrument would go down. If you choose this option, and the price does go down, you are making profit, no matter how little the price went down.

In the Money

images (2)This term basically means that you have won the trade, and that you have made some money. Like, if you said that the price would go down, and it did; or if you predicted that the price would go up and it did. So, basically, this term states that you have won, like on a card game.

Out the Money

This term is being used when you lose the trade, or to put it simply, when you lose money. So, if you predicted that the price of an item would go down and it went up; or if you predicted that the price would go up, and it went down. Also, this is similar to a card game, only you use this term when you lose.

At the money

This term is being used when the price of an item you chose stays the same. So, basically, this means that you have neither won, nor have you lost, because the price did not change. If such a thing happens, your money gets returned to you in full, and you are free to use it to invest in something else.

Expiry Date

3binary_options_expiry_date_explainedEvery single Binary Option has an expiry date, which is a date at which that particular Binary Option is going to expire. Before that happens you need to choose a “call” or “put” option, but if you want, you can just leave it to expire.
So, as we have seen, Binary Options trading has its own special terminology that you need to learn before you start trading there. It may look complicated, but it is extremely easy, and after you read the meaning behind every term, you start to get it pretty quickly. Try out some of the recommended trading brokers, for example IQ Option, in order to gain some basic knowledge that is required for a successful trading.

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Free Money System, good or bad choice

Free Money System, good or bad choice

When a robot software advertises sky high cash and short time period you would need to earn it, you have to ask yourself, is it true. Well Free Money System advertises that, and it is up to you and me to decide whether this site is any good.

Bingo-Happy-Man-with-Money Information gathered about Free Money system doesn’t give good impression about this robot. As some other ambiguous systems this one also claims that it will make a millionaire out of you, whether you know how to trade or not. This software promises easy cash without your involvement in the process of trade. Some of robots do this kind of trading but it is not advised to use them like that. Especially if those robots don’t have safety mechanisms, that will stop them from trading after certain number of losses. Because of the way this robot is made, I believe that this robot is not capable of doing what it promises.

Wad-of-100sWalter Green is a person behind the Free Money System. He is the one that claims that this robot will make a millionaire from you, and that it made him and his team large amounts of money. The fact that they claim that this software is free it is not. You can register for free, but you have to pay 250 dollars in order to use it, that does not coincide with the definition of free.

Video that you can see about Free Money System has a lot of negative comments attached to it. And a lot of traders that are experienced label this robot as a scam. This is not a strong evidence so saying outright that it is a scam would be jumping to conclusion and I don’t want to do that. On the other hand using and paying for the software that has large amount of negative feedback is foolish by any standards. In a world where many offer easy and fast cash there are a lot of those that will scam you. You should be careful when you enter this world.

This system is made to take away part of or all of the trading from you. The fact that is doubted by many should be enough to avert you from using it. And there are some people that say that when you put your first deposit down all communication with members of the team behind Free Money System ends and you are left alone.

Screenshot_2Before you download Free Money System you will have to do few things first. You have to open an account on one of brokers they recommend, and pay in your initial deposit before gaining a chance to check is this robot worth your time. This is very suspicious way of registration because it doesn’t allow you to check the system before investing your money. And choosing brokers from their own list is another thing that would drive more experienced traders away.

I am not 100 percent certain that this is a scam software, but many facts lean to that and because of that my conclusion is an advice to let this “great” opportunity pass.

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Big Option Review

Big Option Review

Today, there are so many Binary Options trading platforms, and an ordinary person just cannot decide which one of them is the best, and which one of them he should use. Also, there is the question of frequent scams, which is why they need to take a good look at each of the trading platforms, and only when they believe that they have read enough should they start using them. And that is why we have decided to write this review of Big Option trading platform – so you would know if it is safe to use it or not.

The first thing that most people notice about this trading platform is the fact that it offers payout as high as 85%, which is significantly higher than the industry average. It also has a payout of 74% when it comes to short term options. This is a pretty high payout, and is the main reason why people start using this trading platform.

banner-signalsAnother thing that is interesting about this trading platform is the fact that is has a very unique offer; something that other trading platforms do not have. This trading platform offers free signals that are 80% accurate, and with it, they also offer a bonus of 150%! This is something that no other trading platform has, and is a great way for the traders to leverage the trading signals, and gain the most out of it.

When it comes to deposits and the withdrawals, this trading platform offers various means of doing that. This is a very important thing for every trading platform, because, after all, we are trading to make money out of it, and what is the sense in trading if you can’t get that money or can’t invest it! Here, you can deposit money with your credit cards and debit cards, and they accept Visa cards, Solo cards, Diner cards, and Mastercard. Also, another way to deposit money can be via wire transfer. Withdrawing money works the same way, and you can withdraw it the very same day, which is a great thing.

24-hoursOne more thing that the people like about this trading platform is its customer service that is open 24 hours a day. You can access is via email live chat, or via a toll free phone. They will answer all the questions you have and will try to be as helpful as possible. Also, education is really important, and you can get educated via Big option Academy that offers you videos for beginners, as well as for the expert traders. You live and you learn, and if you have the chance, you should learn as much as you can. Language is also a big deal, and that is why this platform tries to accommodate the traders as much as it can by offering it in English, German, French, Turkish, and Arabic languages.

Besides the fact that you have the ability to use an auto trader robot, you can also get a mobile app, which will help you take your trade everywhere with you.

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10Trade – All you need to know

10Trade – All you need to know

10Trade is a twofold choice facilitate that have been a piece of the double today testing rivalry in the course of recent months. This specialist has done extremely well in the tests and I prescribe them to our European perusers.

Today you will figure out all the critical insights about this specialist in my most recent audit. Not at all like most audits on paired today you can expect an inspirational standpoint on the grounds that I’ve been exceptionally awed by what this business brings to the table.

As I specified above I’ve been trying agents like 10trade for as far back as a couple of months. I fundamentally made a rundown of expedites that the paired today perusers were at that point utilizing. The rundown originated from messages and remarks everywhere throughout the site.10Trade-Information

A large portion of the representatives amid this test did not live up to my desires while others, similar to 10Trade performed outstandingly. There’s truly a couple of components I take a gander at when attempting to make sense of if a specialist is deserving of my business. In this business sector, trust is absolutely critical. With a large number of stories online from dealers uncovering trick businesses, it is constantly essential to do your due tirelessness before settling on a definite conclusion to store reserves.

In my time with 10Trade I made up a modest bunch of issues to perceive how they would respond and each and every time they breezed through the test. Their bolster group was responsive and accommodating in each circumstance I place them in, notwithstanding when I attempted to call them tricksters regardless they endure me. One of the things I truly like about this merchant is that they make a decent showing taking care of their European customers and that there CySEC controlled which implies there is an overseeing body watching over their business rehearses.

Give me a chance to get into more the 10Trade specifics now. They as of now give more than 80 benefits, oblige a base store of $200 and keep running on the spot choice twofold stage. The organization was established in 2014 and they don’t acknowledge US dealers.

I like that their site is spotless and that they give accommodating ebooks and training to guarantee that merchants 10trade-trading-ebookcomprehend the dangers before they begin exchanging. I’ve likewise seen that they are utilizing the most recent variant of the spot choice stage which gives a stepping stool alternatives highlight. This permits dealers to profit on the off chance that they are further far from the section point. Basically, in the event that you make more pips, similar to a Forex, then you will get a higher payout rate.

In the event that you have utilized this merchant and need to add something to the survey please leave your remarks beneath and I will address each and every one of them. Much obliged to you for coming to paired today and I trust this survey gave you a superior comprehension of 10Trade and what they bring to the table.

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All About 24Option

All About 24Option


24Option is an online trading platform that was founded 5 years ago, in 2010. It’s headquarters are located inunnamed Cyprus, and there is nothing to worry about this, because this trading platform has all the necessary licenses, both Cypriot ones, and the European ones. The minimum deposit on this trading platform stands at 250 US Dollars, and the minimum trade amount stands at 24 US Dollars. It does have a demo account, which might help you become better and trading, and it offers it’s services in all the major world languages. So, this was all about 24Option in short, and now, let’s say something more about it.

When it comes to the features that this trading platform offers quite many of them, and they are rather impressive. They include a lot of trade enhancing features, and the creators of this trading platform claim that 24Option was created to make the online trading available for everyone, and that is why this trading platform continues to be one of the best ones out there.

The platform and software that make up this amazing broker offers its traders the very best of technology that can be24op3 mobile
found today. Also, what’s more important is the fact that you can access this trading platform through your computer, but also through your mobile phone, which is another thing that makes this platform great. It has recently been upgraded, so now it is a lot faster, smoother, and more effective when it comes to trading.

This trading platform also offers some rather exciting trading competitions, and they do this monthly. All those who win in these receive prizes in the form of cash. The winner is decided based on how well they have been trading the previous month, and on how good their skills are.

Besides all the advantages we’ve seen here, 24Option also offer bonuses, and especially to all the new traders out there, who receive a 100% welcome bonus. Also, there are weekly bonuses, and various others. Now, speaking of bonuses, we are bound to touch up on the subject of earnings, and this trading platform is known for the returns that amount to 89% of their investments. Special members also get some bonuses and increase in the percentage, so it is always good to be the best.24Option

As we have already mentioned, 24Option also offers its users a chance to learn how to trade on a demo account, where they can practice and do trades all without worrying about losing their money. This is great for all the new traders who are not yet experienced in trading, so until they learn how to do so, they can practice in this demo account.

Another great thing about this trading platform is its customer service, that allows you to contact it any time of the day, and they will try to find the solution for your problem, no matter what kind of problem you are experiencing. This is another reason why most people agree that 24Option is one of the best trading platform out there. If you choose to explore other options I suggest trying with Big Option.

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