Big Option

Big Option Review

Big Option Review

Today, there are so many Binary Options trading platforms, and an ordinary person just cannot decide which one of them is the best, and which one of them he should use. Also, there is the question of frequent scams, which is why they need to take a good look at each of the trading platforms, and only when they believe that they have read enough should they start using them. And that is why we have decided to write this review of Big Option trading platform – so you would know if it is safe to use it or not.

The first thing that most people notice about this trading platform is the fact that it offers payout as high as 85%, which is significantly higher than the industry average. It also has a payout of 74% when it comes to short term options. This is a pretty high payout, and is the main reason why people start using this trading platform.

banner-signalsAnother thing that is interesting about this trading platform is the fact that is has a very unique offer; something that other trading platforms do not have. This trading platform offers free signals that are 80% accurate, and with it, they also offer a bonus of 150%! This is something that no other trading platform has, and is a great way for the traders to leverage the trading signals, and gain the most out of it.

When it comes to deposits and the withdrawals, this trading platform offers various means of doing that. This is a very important thing for every trading platform, because, after all, we are trading to make money out of it, and what is the sense in trading if you can’t get that money or can’t invest it! Here, you can deposit money with your credit cards and debit cards, and they accept Visa cards, Solo cards, Diner cards, and Mastercard. Also, another way to deposit money can be via wire transfer. Withdrawing money works the same way, and you can withdraw it the very same day, which is a great thing.

24-hoursOne more thing that the people like about this trading platform is its customer service that is open 24 hours a day. You can access is via email live chat, or via a toll free phone. They will answer all the questions you have and will try to be as helpful as possible. Also, education is really important, and you can get educated via Big option Academy that offers you videos for beginners, as well as for the expert traders. You live and you learn, and if you have the chance, you should learn as much as you can. Language is also a big deal, and that is why this platform tries to accommodate the traders as much as it can by offering it in English, German, French, Turkish, and Arabic languages.

Besides the fact that you have the ability to use an auto trader robot, you can also get a mobile app, which will help you take your trade everywhere with you.

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