Free Money System, good or bad choice

When a robot software advertises sky high cash and short time period you would need to earn it, you have to ask yourself, is it true. Well Free Money System advertises that, and it is up to you and me to decide whether this site is any good.

Bingo-Happy-Man-with-Money Information gathered about Free Money system doesn’t give good impression about this robot. As some other ambiguous systems this one also claims that it will make a millionaire out of you, whether you know how to trade or not. This software promises easy cash without your involvement in the process of trade. Some of robots do this kind of trading but it is not advised to use them like that. Especially if those robots don’t have safety mechanisms, that will stop them from trading after certain number of losses. Because of the way this robot is made, I believe that this robot is not capable of doing what it promises.

Wad-of-100sWalter Green is a person behind the Free Money System. He is the one that claims that this robot will make a millionaire from you, and that it made him and his team large amounts of money. The fact that they claim that this software is free it is not. You can register for free, but you have to pay 250 dollars in order to use it, that does not coincide with the definition of free.

Video that you can see about Free Money System has a lot of negative comments attached to it. And a lot of traders that are experienced label this robot as a scam. This is not a strong evidence so saying outright that it is a scam would be jumping to conclusion and I don’t want to do that. On the other hand using and paying for the software that has large amount of negative feedback is foolish by any standards. In a world where many offer easy and fast cash there are a lot of those that will scam you. You should be careful when you enter this world.

This system is made to take away part of or all of the trading from you. The fact that is doubted by many should be enough to avert you from using it. And there are some people that say that when you put your first deposit down all communication with members of the team behind Free Money System ends and you are left alone.

Screenshot_2Before you download Free Money System you will have to do few things first. You have to open an account on one of brokers they recommend, and pay in your initial deposit before gaining a chance to check is this robot worth your time. This is very suspicious way of registration because it doesn’t allow you to check the system before investing your money. And choosing brokers from their own list is another thing that would drive more experienced traders away.

I am not 100 percent certain that this is a scam software, but many facts lean to that and because of that my conclusion is an advice to let this “great” opportunity pass.